Amanda Rose Day

Amanda Rose Day is a passionate, innovative photographer with an eye for detail and a genuine, clear mission for leaving her clients with nothing less than a remarkable experience. She has been blessed with the right people in her life; people who could see her passion and drive, and were willing to let her shine.

Since the age of 15, Amanda has been involved with photography. For four years she worked with wedding and sports photographer, Jack Jinkins, who was kind enough to train, challenge, and introduce her to the art of image creation. As a political science major at Florida State University, she became aquainted with Linda Long whom she assisted during her years in Tallahassee.  Along the way, she has been an assistant to Tammy Griffin, who afforded her the ability to learn family and portrait photography. Amanda’s greatest opportunity was presented when she joined with Stewart and Susan Powers, who have been her most influential mentors.

Her most significant milestone, which really ignited her enthusiasm for photography, was her wedding day and the starting of her family: her husband, Michael Day, and their son, Kaiden. Since wedding days approach and go by so quickly, and little ones are only so little once, Amanda has taken on the task of capturing and preserving these pristine moments for others. She does so not just by proper positioning, placing enough light around a subject, or pointing a camera in their direction and shooting, but by bringing out the best in her subjects – and it shows.

Does Amanda Rose Day capture moments? Yes, she does. But her real work  is in helping to preserve feelings and memories.

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