How To Prepare for a Family Portrait

A little preparation for a family portrait can help everyone relax when it’s time to flash those big smiles.Mother and father playing with their two sons.

The more comfortable everyone is the easier it is for me to capture your unique family dynamic. I recommend following these simple tips while you’re getting ready for your next session.

Schedule a good time.

You wouldn’t want to try to get your photos done when the baby usually naps. If your husband plays cards the same time every week, you probably don’t want to schedule it then either. It’ll be apparent that they would both rather be doing something else. The ideal time is different with everyone and will be unique to your family. Making your appointment at the right time can make a lot of difference in the ease of your portraits.

Pack your bags.

Another thing that can help your session go smoothly is packing everything you’ll need ahead of time. You can bring a change of clothes for everyone, hair brushes, makeup, accessories, and any props you may want to use. Moms know how quickly babies can get messy, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for anything.

Choose a color palette.

It’s a great idea to choose a color palette and coordinate everyone’s clothing. This way everyone can pick things they feel the most comfortable in and express their unique sense of style. If everyone feels comfy the photographs are more likely to reflect that. Check out Design Seeds for color palette inspiration.

Nourish your bodies.

Taking care of basic human needs is important too! Try to get as much shut eye as possible to avoid anyone looking tired or feeling cranky. Drinking plenty of water will ensure everyone is well hydrated and has healthy-looking skin. Try to get everyone to eat a balanced meal before the appointment and bring snacks if you can’t. It’s hard for anyone to be patient when their stomach is growling.

Some of these points may seem pretty obvious. As a mother, I know that you can overlook the obvious when you’re trying to coordinate the whole family for an event like this. It’s helpful to have a guide to get you started.

How long has it been since you’ve had family portraits done? It’s a perfect time to schedule them so you’ll have your Christmas cards finished in time. I’m happy to help.


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  1. Patty GD

    Great post. I really like the Design Seeds website you shared!

  2. Thank you, Patty! Even people who are great at color coordination could use a little creative inspiration sometimes 🙂

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