Joyful Events This Year

It’s been a really busy year for this photographer.AJ reads a book to his little sister Ellie while they're sitting in the grass.

The kids are back in school and it’s a good time to look back at some photography. From love and marriage to kids growing into young adults; here’s some of the exciting events I’ve gotten to share with my awesome clients this year.

First there was love.

Nick and Kristin
Tayler and Steve 
Carrie and Cary 
George and Rhiannon 


Babies joined the world.

Hattie and David
Madisyn and Morghan 
Hattie and Henry
Catherine Elizabeth 
Christa and Josh


Our families grew.

Peppler Family
Seiler Family 
Gaya Family 
Jabbar Family
Blair Family
Joesph Family 
AJ and Ellie 
Day Family 


Thanks for letting me be a part of it all.


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