Katelyn’s 6 month Baby Portrait Photograph’s

I just love my babies. And feel so blessed everyday that I was given the chance to be a mother and have a baby boy and a baby girl. Though my son says “he is no longer a baby” but I tell him he will always be my baby 🙂 !  I was able to get these on Facebook a few days ago but for those who don’t have Facebook here is my baby girl at 6 months. She is so sweet and perfect to me of course. I just loved this session and can’t wait to post her 9 month portraits since I am always behind on posting pictures of my babies.



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2 Thoughts to “Katelyn’s 6 month Baby Portrait Photograph’s”

  1. Patty GD

    Danny says… “why is Kaiden wearing a bow?”

    We are really amazed at how much they look alike.

    Katelyn is precious, she is a beautiful girl 🙂

  2. Yeah it’s crazy, they really favor one another. But their personalities are completely different. Thank you Patty we think she’s pretty great too!:)

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