Mike and Jackie’s Golden Ocala Wedding

20140725_baird-lewis_wed-962I am so happy I got the chance to be apart of Mike and Jackie’s wedding day. Even though the weather tried to take us out we prevailed and the day was beautiful!! The staff at Golden Ocala was

so helpful and we could not have survived without their help :)! I hope you enjoy just a few of their images from their wonderful day :)!!




Fabulous shoes :!

20140725_baird-lewis_wed-150 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-361 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-384 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-404_art 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-419 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-441 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-456 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-461 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-530 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-737 Their first Kiss :)!20140725_baird-lewis_wed-877 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-891 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-941 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-946 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1018 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1041 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1103 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1132 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1291 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1385 20140725_baird-lewis_wed-1393_art

Here is a sneak peak for Mike and Jackie. They had a beautiful wedding at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club

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