Ashley and Adams Ocala, Lake Weir Wedding :)

I posted Ashley and Adam’s wedding images on Facebook but I always forget to make a blog post of them so here they are. I truly loved photographing their wedding it was amazing. They are wonderful people who deserved a perfect day. And even though they got married at 3pm in the afternoon when it was crazy hot:), it was totally worth it. Let me know what you think?

20121103_olive-daniels_wed_b-1683 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-122 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-204 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-259 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-264 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-298 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-301

This was her fathers baby bracelet, It represented her something borrowed and blue:)!

20121103_olive-daniels_wed-307 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-314 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-329 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-351 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-644 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-821-2 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-823 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-833 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-854 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-881 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-1117 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-1128 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-1135 20121103_olive-daniels_wed-1178

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