Catherine Elizabeth’s Newborn Portraits, Ocala, Florida

Catherine’s Newborn Portraits are some of my favorite that I have ever taken. I went to high school with Rebecca and was thrilled to get the call to do her daughter’s newborn portraits. And after she came in and saw them she has now hired me to photograph Catherine Elizabeth (awesome name) for the next two years with one of my new Baby Plan options. Rebecca looked amazzzzing for just having a baby and her daughter is gorgeous! But the real difference with this session versus others is that later that day Rebecca and Catherine were in a severe car accident that almost took Rebecca’s life. Luckily she was not taken from us on that day. But it is a testament that you never know what can or will happen, and thankfully Catherine has her mom but some aren’t so lucky. Rebecca and I both said at least she would of had images of her with her mother that she could cherish, hold, and see how much her mommy loves her.  Please let this be a reminder to be photographed with your children even as a candid image, life is to unpredictable and sometimes short to say no I don’t like my picture, because your friends, family, and children don’t care as long as they have an image they can hold. On a less serious note 🙂  I can’t wait to photograph her for her 3 month session!

Look at that precious face!

Such a smiley baby! So cute!

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