Our Baby Girl!

I’m so excited to be back to work and introduce everyone to our new addition Katelyn Rose Day :)!I have been working on the computer but now feel like I am able to be among the living. It was defiantly an adjustment having a newborn baby, especially with her colic and severe acid re-flux, I wish my baby girl didn’t have it but we are managing. Our son is so cute he loves to dote on his baby sister until she starts crying and he says “I can’t stand that crying”, its so funny. But we are so blessed to have the family we have and our little girl has completed our family, we all feel so whole know that we have her in our lives. Even with the sleep deprivation 😉 Below are Katelyn’s newborn portraits courtesy of the amazing Stewart and Susan Powers of Powers Photography. Thank you both so much we will cherish these memories forever.

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2 Thoughts to “Our Baby Girl!”

  1. Miranda and Aj DIaz


    I love these pictures of your little one
    Can’t wait to see you again

  2. Lisa McGuire

    I finally looked through your website. Love these photos of Kaiden and Catelyn. The first picture in your family picture gallery is exactly what I’m looking for with us in the sprint. Love!

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