Andrea Bell’s Junior Prom Photographs

I had the pleasure at the end of the school year to photograph Andrea for her Junior Prom, I had so much fun photographing her. Her mom brought her in to be photographed and at the time I was pregnant with my daughter Katelyn and I looked at their relationship and said I want that with my daughter. Andrea wanted her mom there and the amazing gorgeous dress she wore for her prom, her mom purchased it for Andrea, without Andrea even being there. And she loved it 🙂 Now how often does that happen? I hope I am as blessed as Stacy is to have a respectful, intelligent, and beautiful daughter inside and out. Thank you both for allowing me the opportunity to photograph you. Below is her album!

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2 Thoughts to “Andrea Bell’s Junior Prom Photographs”

  1. Margaret Edmiston

    What a pro you are. So ver proud of you. These photos are fantastic.

  2. Patty

    Love the album. Great pics and what a beautiful girl she is! 🙂

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