Black Diamond Ranch Wedding Photo Shoot

Recently, I had the chance to Photograph a Mock Wedding Photo Shoot at Black Diamond Ranch and, just like a normal, wedding things didn’t go quite as planned. We were scheduled to start photographing at 6pm, but due to unforeseen events, we didn’t get to start photographing till 7pm. Daylight was fading fast. To make matters even quirkier, Black Diamond Ranch has a beautiful golf course with an amazing quarry to give any bride and groom a picturesque event. However, when we arrived at the quarry, the sprinklers were on and we couldn’t go all the way down onto the course without soaking the elegant bride. Obviously, we didn’t want that.  Even though daylight went quickly, we had a blast. Katelynn and Matt were great sports out at the quarry. They kept everyone’s spirits up–we all laughed constantly. After we finished up at the quarry, we gave Katelynn a break and picked up our other lovely model, Amber, who was patiently waiting at the club house. After that, we went to this adorable gazebo and even though we could barely see each other, we photographed her and Matt there. Apologies go out to Matt–he didn’t get a break. We did an ending photograph at the front of  the ranch where they have this line of trees that have beautiful up-lighting on them. We headed back to the club house and continued photographing there to emphasize the beautiful cobblestone that separates Black Diamond’s decor from any other wedding venue.  I had a blast and even though things didn’t go quite as planned, it was so much fun working with all the vendors and beautiful models. I must thank them all, starting with Black Diamond Ranch for hosting the event. Mary-Katherine’s Bridal for supplying the gorgeous dresses, jewelry, and veils. Escape Salon and Spa for the beautiful hair and make up. Party Time Rentals for the awesome tables and decor. The Occasional Cake Company for the breath-taking, delicious cake. Fabulous Flowers for the magnificent flowers and floral arrangements. And thank you to Ocala Models and Talent for getting us such talented and fun models: Amber, Katelynn, and Matt. And Last but not least Russell Monllos of Studio 352 Events for organizing and getting the whole event together. Thank you all so much and I am looking forward to working with you all again at the Bridal Expo this September!

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