Kayla’s Pageant Portraits

So I have never photographed for pageants before, so I was thrilled when Kayla’s mom Rachael asked me if I could photograph Kayla’s portfolio for her upcoming pageants. I had so much fun photographing Kayla she gave me such amazing expressions and a ton of personality. It was obvious right away why she loves and wins most of her pageants. Her mom Rachael is amazing, I commend her for all her hard work and effort she puts into Kayla’s looks and OMG can she change hair styles lightning fast. Below are just a few of her images. I will be posting the rest next week so keep checking back:) 

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One Thought to “Kayla’s Pageant Portraits”

  1. Rose;
    These are beautifully done. Nice to see someone’s work that speaks about the subject over the post process. good work!

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