Baby Adien’s 3 month Portraits

Again, as always I had so much fun photographing baby Adien. He always makes me smile and even though he was only three months old,he was trying so hard to crawl and get to his toy that was hidden off to the side. He was our little swimmer, all smiles and full of energy. He was even playing, peek-a-boo using the back drop as his way of hiding. Below are a few of his images from the session along with a collages of faces and expressions he made that made his mom and I just giggle. He is so cute and I am so excited that I get to photograph him. 

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One Thought to “Baby Adien’s 3 month Portraits”

  1. Patty

    what a cutie, that little guy! greattt pictures. love the first one of him laying on his belly!

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