PPNCF February Meeting

In case your wondering what PPNCF stands for it is our local Professional Photographers of North Central Florida, guild, which I am a member of, and currently our membership director if you have any questions feel free to ask. I am excited because we just had our monthly meeting yesterday and it was fantastic. We had Master Photographer’s Susan and Stewart Powers as our speakers, they discussed the in’s and out’s of print competition. And I felt most importantly, why we as professional photographers should enter print competition.

One it is a way to distinguish us from an ever growing society of photographers who do not understanding lighting, the importance of flattering the human figure, and creating art vs a candid photograph. Second, you not only learn common pit falls of photography but you also have your work judged and critiqued by the best in the industry, master photographers who have earned their credentials and our respect. Why is this important? My clients love my work who cares what these photographer’s think? To survive in an every changing industry don’t you want to know that you are giving your clients your best possible work. That you are showing them years of knowledge  and dedication to your craft, that you feel so passionately about that you have your work judged by the best to know that not only do your clients love your work but your peers do as well. I feel that it is a way to challenge myself to give my clients the best I possibly can and nothing less.

As a way of challenging ourselves monthly every meeting we have a print competition as a way of stimulating creativity and  increasing our education. We have a general category and a themed category. Our theme this month was smooth and I entered a beautiful baby girl Bailey as my entry simply entitled Silky Smooth, I am very excited because my print won first place in our themed category. Below is the image I entered and though Mommy and Daddy loved it, it was nice to know that my fellow photographers enjoyed it as well. I also entered an image in our general category of Ramona entitled Strong Solo, I love this image and though it did not win, it did receive high marks but most importantly I received great feedback, that was impartial and constructive.

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  1. Patty

    Both images are gorgeous. I of course am partial to the baby because I just adore children… what a beautiful picture and baby of course! 🙂

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