Ramona Lewis

I am so excited about these photographs of my friend and talented artist, Ramona Lewis. I am so glad that plans changed right before we were scheduled to shoot. It was originally a three member band but due to unforeseen events, the band dissolved the night before. But Ramona being the artist she is said “I am still coming and now I am a solo artist.” And I personally think that was the best move for her. We wanted to create images that reflected her personality and passion for music. With our first vision being a three piece band with instruments and Ramona center, we decided we could still do that and showcase her musical talents that are not restricted to just vocals. Ramona is an amazing artist and musician who is not going to be in Ocala, Florida forever, I will keep you updated on her shows and progress. Below is a compilation of a mock Cd cover I did for fun, along with some of her favorite images with a little flair thrown in.

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