I have exciting News:)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry, I have been MIA for awhile. It started because a few months ago I found out my husband and I are expecting, and then the nausea hit. For all you mothers who have had what is commonly referred to as Morning Sickness, I am so sorry. With my first pregnancy I had zero and had no idea what my friends were going through. But with this little one, it was all day everyday for 3 months, it got to the point my 3 year old was asking me if I needed to go to the doctors. It has passed and I am so glad it has because now I can eat; and I love and missed food. I now can get back to working on more than just my clients work. I hope everyone is doing well, and look for a new post soon.
P.S. We don’t know what we are having yet but we find out in exactly one week. So I can let everyone know if we are having pink or blue:)

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  1. Patty


    I. am. so. excited!!!

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