Family Farm

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to photograph one of the nicest families I have ever met. Their daughter Danielle hired me to come out to the family farm and photograph them. Here is a sneak peak of one of their family portraits that I just love:) More to come soon!

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4 Thoughts to “Family Farm”

  1. Danielle Brown

    WOW!! What a great lookinf family! It has to be your lense!! Thanks Amanda xoxo

  2. Aunt Marsha

    Danielle, you look beautiful. Your son is just is such a nice looking young man. Cute too. Dan, you look like Dan. Pat, what are you doing to look so great. I need to come get some lessens . Love to all of you. Keep in touch. Love and prayers always
    Marsha perrine

  3. Thanks, Danielle, it’s totally my lens;)J/K But in all seriousness you all are awesome!

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