When I started my business officially in January I never realized how much work was put into the accounting side of things;Accountant’s I bow down to your skills and expertise. But I am so happy  that I have been blessed, with an amazing grandmother who is also an accountant for a man with multiple businesses. She doesn’t do my books but she helped me get organized. After spending the hours to organize my books and put in all of my expenses so far for the entire year; I am relieved to finally have it organized and in its place. The amazing program QuickBooks which I recommend to anyone starting or currently in business for themselves, has proven to be a life saver. My advice to anyone out there working on organizing their business take a day, maybe even two and put everything into this program and it will change your life, seeing every penny spent and every penny brought in; is an eye opener.  But don’t forget to back up, back up, back up, and make sure its to an external storage unit not the one your working on. And even though you still have every receipt and piece of paper in a folder, you will now have an electronic  filing system. Smile and pat yourself on the back.

PS I am not a QuickBooks expert but it has been very helpful once I figured out how to use it for what I needed.

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  1. Patty GD

    Very helpful. Great post.

    Can you tell I’m your biggest fan? lol

  2. Thank you:) And yes I can tell.

  3. Barbara Clovis

    Sue and I are here checking out your website. Thanks for the kind words!

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