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My name is Amanda and I love photography. This sounds corny but it’s true:) And I have been told that I can be corny but I’m okay with that because I believe that me acting corny especially behind the camera gets people to open up and realize that they can have fun and be themselves.

Why do I love Photography? I love photography for so many reasons, most of the typical reasons you hear people say because its fun, it’s a blast to be with and work with people everyday, because you get to help people express who they are by themselves and with their loved ones, whether it be the girls hanging out or the family photograph. But I love photography most of all because I have seen how valuable it is to people I barely know and to the people I love most in this world. This is the serious side of Amanda. My grandfather is by far one of the most influential men in my life. And he recently found photographs of his late mother that he never knew existed. I saw a strong-amazing man get emotional over a photograph that is over a hundred years old and will last another hundred if taken care of. He will cherish this memory forever and so will I because I was there to share in this amazing moment. This  is why photography is so dear to me. Technology is forever changing most of us have our most precious memories on some sort of hard drive, me included; whether it be a computer or a CD. But one day maybe even one day soon, those computers are going to crash or those CD’s will become corrupted to were we lose an entire generation of photographs. I want everyone to be able to sit down with their grandchildren one day and show them this is what I looked like. This is where you father was born. Look how much we have changed. To have these moments to me are priceless.

That is why I love photography because we can no longer watch those VHS tapes from the early 90’s but we have our photo albums that we pull out and laugh, cry, and smile at. And I want everyone to be able to do that, 20,30, even a 100 years from now. Photography is awesome and I really love having one of the coolest jobs ever.

Love, Amanda

Here are a few of the images of my grandfather’s mother, she was so beautiful; I wish I could have met her.

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2 Thoughts to “Hello Blog :)”

  1. Ron Vezzani

    Hey Rose.

    Ron Vezzani here from Pittsburgh. I am friends with Mike and he introduced me to you at FDIC in the Hale booth. I saw Mike in Chicago and told him your talent is spectcular. My wife and I just started our own photograpy company. We are newbies at it and slowly progressing on our skills. Keep up the nice work.


  2. Barbara Clovis

    How wonderful to see Ralph’s mother’s pictures used in such a thoughtful way. You make us so proud of you. Keep up the good work and always know how much we love you!

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